Each individual carries with them a unique and beautiful body.  Because of our uniqueness, massage therapy sessions will vary from person to person. In order to achieve the goals best suited to meet your needs we will use professional communication,  my knowledge of anatomy and intuitive therapeutic skills to co-create the most beneficial session for YOU. 


60 minutes, $85/90 minutes $115

3, 60 minute sessions $235/ 5, 60 minute sessions $375

3, 90 minute sessions $300/5, 90 minute sessions $475


mindfulness based

somatic coaching

A supportive environment of healthy challenge that will yield positive movement towards full expression of your most authentic Self. 

During our time together we will work to uncover any old stories and/or ideas that may be stagnating your current experience. 

We will open communication with the sensations within the body to insure that all of your pieces and parts are being fully heard and expressed. 

If or when appropriate we will craft individual rituals that will assist in grounding your focus and shifting your energy towards your most centered and healthy goals and aspirations.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are facilitated in my office OR can be enjoyed anywhere in the world there is an internet connection!  I will send you a meeting invitation via ZOOM meetings at least 3 days prior to our scheduled time.  Please insure that you have the ZOOM application downloaded and ready to utilize before our call.  please note that ZOOM meetings may not include the same access to all ritual practices- lets chat about it!

Mindfulness, somatic experiencing, journaling, ritual, movement and artistic expression are all aspects that we are likely to visit to assist us in our work together towards your greatest desires for healthy, balanced living.


One session $95/Package of 5 sessions $450/ Package of 10 sessions $850


healing circles

Each circle is as unique as the individuals that show up to be a part of it~ facilitation is influenced by the energy of the group and our environment, though most* circles will include a variation of : Subtle, intuitive movement to help us settle into our bodies. Grounding, guided meditations to settle our minds. Earth based ceremonial practices to settle and connect our spirits. Strong, supportive space holding from your host to allow for honest sharing of truths. Topics will always vary. Some circles are created specifically for those that identify as female.


Wild Nā€™ Wise Womens Cirlce Series @ NoDa Yoga: $20 investment per session- REGISTER HERE

Hosted Circle for 3 or fewer (topic can be created for or supplied by your group): $125

Hosted Circle for 3-7 people (topic can be created for or supplied by your group): $145

Hosted Circle for 7 or more people: Contact for Quote


Earth based experiences created with specific focus on themes of: life cycle passages, life events, seasonal changes, home moves, job changes, relationship changes, etc. These events can be carefully curated for the individual or for groups after a consultation.

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*Individual sessions, ceremony and ritual makings can be facilitated/created for non-local seekers, please contact me if you are outside my area and desire to participate in this work.



Individual Ceremony $85

Group Ceremony for 3 or less people: $125

Group Ceremony for 3-7 people: $145

Group Ceremony for 7 or more people: Contact for Quote