Sacred Bundle

Sacred Bundle


After completing the accompanying form to help better determine your specific needs and desires a sacred bundle will be created just for you. Every bundle is created with expert love and care, infused with positive intentions and prepared with your benefit. A list of contents and instructions for use will also be included.

Why buy a Sacred Bundle?

  • you wish to cleanse old, stagnent energy from your life

  • you desire shift in work/home/love/free time

  • your heart feels heavy

  • you wish to celebrate a birth/birthday

  • you desire a mourning ceremony for a loved one past (human or otherwise)

  • you wish to show your gratitude for life/love/success

  • you desire to express your devotion in love/friendship/family relations

  • you desire to honor the Earth, a certain element or Earth based manifestation

  • ANY other stirring that your Spirit has that you would like to express, mark or create movement within~ express your idea and we shall create something special

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