I began my healing journey with Kelly because I knew I needed to cultivate a relationship with someone who would care as much, if not more about the physical state of my body. But what I received in turn, is extraordinary. Over the years, through a mutual commitment to develop trust, I have asked Kelly to not only help with the body work I knew I needed. I knew that if I displayed a sense of openness, I had access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. And Kelly helped, and she listened. She listened not just to my words that seemed to flow no matter how many times I tried to commit to being quiet during my massage….but she listened to my body. Something that I have learned to do, by following her lead.  Leaders don’t talk about it, they live it.


I could write an epoch about the past few years of this special relationship that I now have with my body. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, strong, compassionate, non-judgmental, graceful, funny, and loving guide.

Thank you Kelly, for practicing Healing Arts.

~Alicia Drive


Kelly does such a great job of balancing reverence, compassion, knowledge and humor in her ceremonies.  She takes time to explain as needed and has an amazing ability to make anyone feel empowered and like they are an important part of the ceremony. She seems to be able to "go with the flow" and projects a "there are no wrong answers' mindset that makes you feel comfortable asking questions or seeking clarification.  She was able to give everyone in our circles what they needed.  If they seemed to need guidance, she gave it without intruding and if they didn’t need help she let them go.  I really can't say enough about what an amazing experience each ceremony has been.  Each one has been powerful, humbling, and intuitive.  Each one helped me connect with myself, my Earth, and my fellow humans.

~Stephanie Shirley


The women's circles led by Kelly are intimate gatherings where we learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to others. We discover and integrate new blueprints that serve the women we are becoming. Kelly organizes- sharing knowledge of the moon, plant spirit medicine, connecting to Mother Nature, the list goes on and on! I always gain new insight and knowledge as each woman claims her seat in the circle. We come together as equals united by our common purpose. Sharing, laughing, loving one another. I had always hoped to find connection like this in my life and am so very grateful to have finally found it! 

~Sydney Duarte

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for over 10 years now. Within this time I have experienced her gift of Massage as well as Ceremony. Kelly is a completely authentic woman with a heart of gold. She is warm, respectful, intuitive and exudes a sense of Conscientious Curiosity. A true Healer; give yourself the gift of experiencing what she has to humbly offer. Any session with Kelly will be a Blessing to you.

~Hayley Moran