KH Healing Arts
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Hi, there. About me? Here goes...
Things I know to be true in my own experience- hardships are inevitable. Grief and pain are part of life and denying that fact only makes our struggles more painful and more difficult. I love life and I believe in the trans-formative power of positive thought, kindness and compassion but know first hand that there are more layers in life than the bright and shiny ones. Our work is to own ALL of our pieces and ALL of our experience in order to embrace our true brilliance. Our strength comes from utilizing our resources to be fully seen, fully heard and fully expressed.

I have found my personal strength through the healing practices of walking barefoot on the Earth, in whispering softly to animals, sharing my truths with grounded, soul-centered women, traveling to connect with new landscapes and new people, moving my body in ways that it expresses feel best, slowing my mind through meditation, honoring the Earth through ceremony, and receiving massage therapy sessions.

Its become my life's passion to hold space for individuals along their own personal path. I don't have all the answers, and truth be told... even if I did- I wouldn’t hand them over blindly. We have to find our own way and our own truths but I am here to hold space for your personal process, and hopefully help you smile and laugh along the way.